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Jet ski video

Jet ski on a par with other kinds of extreme skiing is gaining popularity among adventurers around the world. Tricks on a water bike and riding in a storm or high waves make it not just a vehicle, a way to get a dose of adrenaline. Jet ski video will show the achievements of modern freestyle in the management of personal watercraft, the possibility of its use and enchanting show featuring the best stunt.

Jet ski video

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Official Trailer For “Rise of the Tide”

In this clip chudyat on jet skis, just look at the official treyler.Video from the United States in the best locations.

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Crazy stunts on a motorcycle vozhnom. Dangerous moments, when the machine of flying on top of the stunt. Well-chosen music does not get bored

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Ross Champion “The Way Of”

Two-time world champion Ross Champion, представляет видео “The Way Of”. Ross – a pioneer of innovative tricks on jet ski, this lucky with a big success. His skill allows you to dizzying stunts. That's why he Champion

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FSF Presents Cronulla Rip’n'Ride

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Brighton Jet Ski Extreme Tricks 2011 Marcel

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