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Wakeboarding video

Young wakeboarding (Wake - wake wave from the boat) managed to conquer the hearts of many extreme. Runs on the board behind a boat or pulling a rope offers many opportunities for fans of extreme sports. Rate, steep turns and incredible stunts in the wake of the boat will not leave anyone indifferent spectator. Competition in the freestyle disciplines and jibbing contests, the world's best wakeboarders and modern parks to ride on the wakeboard wakeboarding videos in the compilation of good quality.

Wakeboarding video

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GoPro HD: Ride the Wake with Collin Harrington & Friends

Collin Harrington вместе с друзьями Brandon Thomas, Steve Campbell, Scott Byerly, George Daniels и Brenton Priestley катается на вейкбордах, veykserfah and veykskeytah.

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Momentum – New Wakeboarding Trailer

The new wakeboard video from – Momentum, which is the vision of the future of wakeboarding. The film stars: Rusty Malinoski, Chad Sharpe, JD Webb, Kyle Alberts, Harley Clifford, Nick Jones, Gabe Lucas.

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Teaser FISE 16 – Official HD

Teaser to a grand competition FISE, which take place in the Berges du Lez right downtown Montpelier (France) with 16 on 20 May 2012 year.

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New Series coming to NBC – Red Bull Signature Series

From the Canadian bekkauntri cliffs to sandy Utah, Red Bull organizes the best and most innovative samche contests around the world. Under consideration fall into snowboarding, MTB, Freestyle Motocross, an ice-skating downhill slope, Skiing, BMX and many other kinds of spoorta.

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Alaska Wakeboarding Teaser from Catchin’ Air Tv Show

Teaser of the fourth episode with Andy Hurdman, who rides a wakeboard on the icy waters of Alaska.

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