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Surfing Video

Relaxing beach surfing or aggressive surfing on the big waves in the most beautiful parts of the world. Surfing video will plunge into the world of riding the waves, see the different techniques of skiing, to assess their strength before the conquest of the giant waves. The best surfers of the planet show an incredible ride on the waves and freestyle tricks, a world-famous competition show the best of the best to date.

Surfing Video

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Here To There – Surftrip Maldives

Protest Surf Team in the Maldives.

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Red Bull Signature Series – Nike Lowers Pro – Episode 11

96 competitors, prize 250000$ – feel the scope of the competition Nike Lowers Pro.

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Brothers on the Run: Surfing in Alaska – Episode 4

Professional snowboarders John and Eric Jackson, Travis Rice, pro surfer Ian Walsh caught the icy waves in Alaska, and then ride through a puddle on a snowboard.

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26.06.2012 | Heading: Surfing, Snowboard | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,

Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven

Professional surfer Dion Agius (Dion Agius) became the protagonist of the short film company Globe – «ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN», filmed in a pool with artificial waves. Panoramic views of the desert, Lamborghini, 10 Russian models, and a surfer - this is an ideal concept for the video version of the Globe Studios. At least, just so the company says on its official website. The place of the shooting area of ​​the tape surfing GLOBE'S ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN was selected Dubai.

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