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Kitesurfing Video

Kitesurfing (Kite - kite) combines the fun and everyone's favorite surfing with parachute wing - kite, which provides additional traction wind. Surfboard and kite can ride the waves and flat water, at the same time control their movement by wind. Kitesurfing video contains, as paradises with turquoise waters, and coastal storm, where professionals kite show a high level of skating, and competition, where you can see the proper technique for riding and take an example from the world's best surfers.

Kitesurfing Video

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Positively Kai: Surf, Sail and Kite

19-year-old Kai Lenny (Kai Lenny) excellent command of surfing, windsurfing and kite.

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15.05.2012 | Heading: Windsurfing, Кайтсёрфинг, Surfing | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,

Positively Kai: 4 Sports at JAWS in 1 Day – Episode 2

Surfer of the Maui Kai Lenny (Kai Lenny) decided to conquer the 25-meter waves “jaw” four sports: Kite, surfing, windsurfing and tow-in surfing.

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15.05.2012 | Heading: Windsurfing, Кайтсёрфинг, Surfing | Comments: 0 | Tags: , ,

Hidden Lines – Eyeforce Productions

Hidden Lines – новый кайтсерф фильм от Eyeforce Productions. Two world champion freestyler and crazy on the kite will show the best tricks and places to ride.

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11.05.2012 | Heading: Кайтбординг, Кайтсёрфинг | Comments: 0

Spanish Kitesurf

Kitesurfing in Spain.

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10.04.2012 | Heading: Кайтсёрфинг | Comments: 0 | Tags:

Slaughter kiting! Kite School “Children of the Wind”. Kitesurfing extreme video

In these beautiful winter days your mood should remain on high, and to help you with this – Kiters school “Children of the wind” and studio “Timurbek” – udovolsviem to provide you with new winter kiting clips! Nice view and a Happy New Year!

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21.12.2011 | Heading: Кайтбординг, Кайтсёрфинг | Comments: 0 | Tags: