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Longbord videos

One variety of skate - longbord (long - long, board – доска) a wooden board with a slightly larger, than skate, wheels and suspension. This provides greater speed, more fluid, or abrupt turns. Longbord video shows the incredible road, which can be down for hours, professional riders and a variety of tricks in their performance, performed at high speed. Longbord - is an exciting adventure on 4 wheels.

Longbord videos

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We vs The Night

Three longbordera down the mountain road equipped with a cold night, Power sources.

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20.06.2012 | Heading: Longbord | Comments: 0

Longboarding – Swirling Samas

To celebrate the anniversary of the Dervish Sama longbord team topravilas Loaded crew to Northern California.

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03.06.2012 | Heading: Longbord | Comments: 0 | Tags: , ,

Longboard session

In this video, watch as the ride longborde.

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21.12.2011 | Heading: Longbord | Comments: 0 | Tags:

Greener Pastures EP4 – Landscape

Skateboarding in Switzerland. Kick-ass look around. Extraordinarily beautiful riding at night with fireworks.

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21.12.2011 | Heading: Longbord | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,

Longboarding: DREAM

We look funky downhill longborde.

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20.12.2011 | Heading: Longbord | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,