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Climbing Video

Recreation and sport - rock climbing is probably the most extreme of all. Cliffs, huge cornices and simply lifting heavy conditions require climbing a great endurance and willpower. Rock Climbing video shows in detail the most difficult rock climbs, Competition Climbing video professionals and just, performing upgrades, as a group, alone and without insurance.

Climbing Video

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15-year-old Eugene Kazbekov – climber, which climbed to “time B”, when she was 11 years.

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26.06.2012 | Heading: Rock climbing | Comments: 0 | Tags:

Dean Potter: Death – Inside Game Episode 5

Dean Coleman Mark Potter беседует с о смерти, is that we are all destined to, and that which should not be afraid to rock climbing or walking on a tightrope.

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05.06.2012 | Heading: Rock climbing, SLACKLINE | Comments: 0 | Tags:

GoPro HD: Winter TEVA Mountain Games 2012

TEVA Mauntain Games showed the level of mountain biking in the winter big eyrah, and climbs the wall.

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04.06.2012 | Heading: MTB, Rock climbing | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,

Paul Robinson: Breath – Inside Game Episode 4

Climber Paul Robinson talks about breathing during podemok. Breathing allows you to make incredible ups, which will be shown in this video.

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28.05.2012 | Heading: Rock climbing | Comments: 0 | Tags:

Momentum: Climbing to the top – Episode 2

The Story of a climber named David Lama.

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15.05.2012 | Heading: Rock climbing | Comments: 0 | Tags: