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BMX Video

BMX is represented not only the original motocross on special routes, but a lot of tricks performed by the best BMX-ditch planet. Freestyle BMX on striking in its beauty and diversity. BMX high-resolution video monitor allows new tricks in the park, in the ramp, on the dirt and just around the city in Street Skating. BMX competition, who conduct such famous companies like Red Bull, Monster Energy, with the best BMX-ditch planet can be viewed in high quality.

BMX Video

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Paul Langlands – Trails of Recovery

Ryder Paul Langlands traveled throughout the United States has not injured on the mountain Dew Tour. During the backflip he fell on top of the dirt in the pelvis, then rehabilitated for a long time. Now he returns.

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30.06.2012 | Heading: BMX | Comments: 0 | Tags:

BMX Pro Andrew Lazaruk & The MacNeil Team Take Over Long Beach

MacNeil BMX team came together, to go and remove the clips in Long Beach skatepark.

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28.06.2012 | Heading: BMX | Comments: 0 | Tags: , ,

Vans Kill The Line 2012: Teaser

BMX дерт турнир Kill The Line от Vans вот вот начнется и пройдет в Peynier, France 1st and 2nd September 2012.

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26.06.2012 | Heading: BMX | Comments: 0 | Tags: , , , ,

Next Level Super Slow-Mo BMX feat. Kyle Baldock

Super slow motion 1000 fps on Phantom Flex camera tricks new level by Kyle Beldoka.

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25.06.2012 | Heading: BMX | Comments: 0 | Tags: , ,

Nitro Circus Live – Perth Highlights

The best moments of Nitro Circus Live in Australia.

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24.06.2012 | Heading: BMX, MTB, Skate, Motto, Rollers, Tricycle | Comments: 0 | Tags: , ,