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Adventures With Aviator: Epic

Traveling with an aviator: shows the most extreme sports parachute.

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01.07.2012 | Heading: BASE jump, Wakeboarding, Кайтбординг, Skiing, Paraglider, Snowboard | Comments: 0 | Tags:

World Wingsuit League is coming

World Wingsuit League (WWL) – This new association of professional sportsmenWWL, involved in the suit jumping-wing (wingsuit). The first, and so far only, competition under the auspices of (WWL) will be held in October this year in China. The event will be broadcast live over the Internet and television. TheWWLrpose of the competition – expand the geography of hops, up to the Eiffel Tower (Paris), Golden Gate (San Francisco) and statues of Christ (Rio de Janeiro).

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29.06.2012 | Heading: BASE jump, Wingsuit | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,

29.06.2012 | Heading: BASE jump, Wingsuit | Comments: 0 | Tags:

Why We Jump

To better understand the, why the best jumpers and skydivers jump from planes and lives at risk, this video was filmed, where each character tells about “why did he jump?”.

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29.06.2012 | Heading: BASE jump, Wingsuit, Parachute jumping | Comments: 0

Tunisian Duel: Ride the Desert

Pascal Valley – Champion of France and Fabien Couderc paramotor – champion of the French enduro motocross together, To remove this video. Duel of the motorcycle and the glider with a motor in the desert of Tunisia.

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28.06.2012 | Heading: Motto, Paraglider | Comments: 0 | Tags: ,